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About Us

Is a computer society thriving towards development of interest in computing and informational technology in masses, and also to provide platform for techno-zesties and compu-junkies to quinch their thirst for 1s and 0s.

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SAAP (Student Academic Assistance Program) is an initiative started by Department of Computer Science, inFall 2012, in order to provide academic support to students who have slow comprehension.

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UIT alumni are members of one of the most diverse, talented, and invigorating communities, cultures and connections. The Alumni Association is a gateway to this community. 

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Life at Campus

Testimonials By Students:

'SAAP helped me improve my grades significantly, I am usually the shy guy in the class, but seeing a student like myself tutoring also gives me the self-belief to stand out'  –Hassan Javed (Fall 2012) "

'I missed a lot of classes due to serious health problems, but SAAP came as a savior. I covered a lot of what I missed in extra classes. Thank You UITCS-ACM' –Syed Zeeshan (Fall 2012)

'Tutors in SAAP are very friendly, and know their courses. They give valuable advice on how to approach the studies and certain courses. Really Helpful' –Jawad Ahmed (Fall 2012)

'Good effort, but should include more courses' –Umair Ali (Spring 2013)

'Tutors at SAAP are great, it is inspiring to know that they are students just like us. Crystal clear understanding' – Haseeb Riaz (Spring 2013)